Want to feel

It’s funny isn’t it. You can make everything feel like a challenge or an adventure. One feels like a chore, the other feels exhilarating. – Geoff Clow   Image source: horasdedescuido

Some where Some how

Beautiful accidents. Never ending beginnings. -Geoff Clow

Where ever

Practicing unconditional love is appreciating people who usually haven’t been appreciated by other people. – Geoff Clow Image source: jaanaliini

No end

There’s no end to that which you are. The path of least resistance is the path of pleasure. Expose yourself. Remain untamed. – Geoff Clow Image Oscar Zabala

To breathe oxygen

Choosing to put energy, to breathe oxygen into unwanted behaviour is a worthwhile consideration. No need to bag it. Peace out. -Geoff Clow   image source

Go figure

I believe that people can figure their own shit out and the best way to do that is to remain in a really good place yourself. Things unfold. -Geoff Clow image source  

The others

She was scared of everything, and extremely scared that other people would notice. -Geoff Clow   Image souce


I finally opened my mouth and all that came out was silence and shivers. – Geoff Clow Image source

I remain your friend

We’d all get along better if we find a way to trust each other and treat each other better. Getting along better would have to become important. Until I hear from you again,… Continue reading

It’s what you make important

Most people’s emotions are tied up in thinking what other people might be thinking. Make what you think important. The other is rubbish. – Geoff Clow   Image source

You’ll know

You’ll know when you’re around unconditional love, it will feel familiar. It will be your soul saying here we are. -Geoff Clow   Image – Low Key – VII by Alessandro Baffa Source… Continue reading

You’re not impossible to love

There’s a misunderstanding here. You’re not impossible to love. You’re just having really bad day. – Geoff Clow Image source

Exhilarating rush

It’s the exhilarating rush you get when you create stuff that’s why you do it. It can be why you do anything. Make new stuff. Get the rush. -Geoff Clow   Image source

Walk away

You will feel secure walking away from the things that make you feel insecure. -Geoff Clow Image source

And we laughed

Let unhelpful things fade away. Try and find the goodness and magnify it. -Geoff Clow   Image by Nicole Franzen Source

What a great way of life

You can’t go back to who you were. It’s impossible. Traveling does that too you. What a great way of life. – Geoff Clow   Image source: 1hundredyearsfromnow