She hid her pain behind the happiness she so desired. ~ Geoff Clow image source  

Somedays are diamonds

The hardest of all good bye’s is the quietly said: Farewell to all that I could be. ~ Geoff Clow image source

It’s what’s inside that matters

  Open your inner eyes. See what you feel. ~ Geoff Clow Image: H o p e © Leslie Ann O’Dell

Catch her

How could he resist. She is magic and mayhem. ~ Geoff Clow image source              

Go after it

We are the ones that hold ourselves back. Go after what you want. ~ Geoff Clow   image source

Where you heading

Good ideas die by attention to specifics too soon. Just point yourself in the right direction. Have fun. It’s how good ideas are born. ~ Geoff Clow

What feels good

There’s more to being what you see, you are more than a bundle of reactions to observations. That’s a bumpy ride. Be drawn to what feels good. It’s more fun. ~ Geoff Clow


  He lives to both impress and fulfil her. ~ Geoff Clow

Things just changed

Undressed and in an attempt to amuse her, he cried out, “A small sword, But a sword nonetheless”. Suddenly an atmosphere of disappointment. ~ Geoff Clow   image: L’enfant du pays. Rene Feret… Continue reading

Coming ready or not

  Even if you don’t believe them when they say you’re only one step away from being brilliant. Taking one step is one step closer. ~ Geoff Clow image source

Alive in my body

I know it sounds simple. Life is, life itself. It’s feeling the rapture of being alive. ~ Geoff Clow image source

Disconnected connection

  There’s separation to being connected in world that’s now very connected. It seems there’s an accidental shift away from the guidance that knows whats best for you, your own intuition, your instincts.… Continue reading

Who cares?

    Have you ever noticed that “the war” on everything just makes whatever it is bigger. I hope there enough of us who care, and rally to bring new solutions. ~ Geoff… Continue reading

Surrounded by beauty

There are people surrounded by beauty yet find it hard to see or feel beauty. Is it the glorification of being busy. I don’t know. `~ Geoff Clow

What does generosity feel like?

  Thank you to all the people that create stuff and make stuff with such courage and love. You remind me of what generosity and love itself feels like. ~ Geoff Clow  … Continue reading

Provoke me

Tell me untold stories. Provoke me. ~ Geoff Clow image source