Sex is fluid


Sex is not simple. It’s not methodical.

And this is exactly where sex intersects with everything exciting.

Sex is contingent. Sex is about a moment. Sex is fluid. Sex is about movement and sensation. It’s about ultimate human emotion. And yes,

Sex is about: communication. It’s about two people sharing more than words. This is the body as a sentence. Arms and legs as exclamations, and dimples and nerve endings as periods of titillating confirmations, being traced by fingers longing for more.

Sex is about feeling-out a situation and then sticking your tongue into it, when the moment begs to be, whet, or just, wet.

In all of this, sex is about learning. It’s the same aptitude that is involved in creating and the sustaining a dialogue, or verbal conversation.

Sex is about learning how she gyrates her hips and how I fit within that motion. Sex is knowing that wants me to open her ass while I am inside of slick, wetness. Sex is about those sounds which scream to you “yes” in a whisper, and without word.

Here, life is fluid. Sex is fluid. It is about movement and going along with the tides of life. It is not about a cross-grained evaluation. Or something that is diagrammed-out.